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Pete Orsini – President

I’m the “Old Fat Italian Photographer”! With over 40 years as a shooter, I’ve done everything but make a lot of money!

Tasked with making any promises to our clients happen! KSS principle must be applied so I don’t have to go onsite!

Whether Photo, Data Collection or “whatever the clients want” we want a piece of the action. What working collaboratively means to me: “I look like I eat the whole pie; I just want a slice”!

With age comes wisdom! That means I’ve learned over the years that I don’t have anything “on the truck” to sell! Hell, we don’t have a truck! Just provide customer delight!

Dave Erne – Chairman

“No”  is not a word in my vocabulary…to my detriment sometimes!

33 years of experience with Kodak, Heidelberg, DNP Photo America and DPM Solutions in document creation, production and event photography have taught me that “the customer is ALWAYS right…because they pay the bills!!!”

I HATE to say we can’t do something, because we can always find a way to help a client…SO PLEASE ASK.

When you call I will answer by the second ring or I havent done my job.

We believe in the term “The Client must be ALWAYS BE COMPLETELY SATISFIED”

Running your own business is not easy so we MUST listen, understand and deliver what you need or we don’t eat.

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Anne Marie Hammock – SW Development and IT Manager

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Brion Neary – National Sales Manager

With over 30 years of national sales and business development experience with Kodak, Qualex, Darien Lake Amusement Park as well as Consumer Retail, Medical and Dental Service Marketing, I know customers have many options to serve their needs.

My success has been due to an unwavering focus on under promising and over delivering for my customers. From small single retail locations to national chains, I have been able to exceed their expectations and performance targets. I will work very hard to make sure you have a solution that is easy to use, cost effective and efficient.

People still buy from people…I will make sure we understand the “read between the lines” needs to make sure your experience is FANTASTIC!

We will only be successful if you are.

As a graduate of Canisius College in Buffalo, I’ve learned that doing right by everyone you meet means you be rewarded with a lifetime filled with friends. I will work very hard to become more than just your sales rep, I want to be your friend and business partner.